Monthly Archives: June 2011

Drum Up Repeat Business from Your Customers

Congratulate yourself for getting visitors and customers to your website in today’s fiercely competitive climate. Keeping these customers and getting their repeat business is often easier and less expensive than trying to get new ones. While you should still pursue new business, this article explains why and how you should go after repeat customers.

WDYL Searches All Google Services

Google offers so many different products and services that one wonders how even the engineers at the Googleplex keep track of them. The search company just launched a new one that taps into everything, though. Dubbed “What Do You Love,” users can search for anything and see what pops up specifically from Google’s many different resources.

Blog SEO Begins on the Home Page

It’s easy to get so caught up in posting fresh content for your blog that you forget to take care of one very important page: your blog’s home page. You might be surprised by how much authority and how many links – and visitors – this page can attract if you optimize it properly.

Doing Keyword Research with Google Suggest

The best free tool for keyword research is Google itself, especially with all of the features it uses to help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for. Take Google Suggest. Added back in 2008 to speed up searches, it offers SEOs a great research tool when researching keywords for both regular SEO and PPC campaigns.

Yahoo Stockholders Growing Impatient

Yahoo’s stockholders know that the company’s recovery will be long and slow, but at the annual shareholder meeting this week, they began to show signs that they were growing impatient with the process. With much of its search technology a Microsoft concern and much of its value in its Asian assets, what kind of future does the venerable but battle-scarred technology firm face?

Promoting Your Website Offline

When you think about ways to promote your website, think outside the Internet. You’d be surprised how many ways you can get get the word out, and drive traffic to your online business, that don’t involve Google. Keep reading for some suggestions.