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How Site Search Benefits You

As Mike Fleming explains on Search Engine Guide, about 80 percent of web use starts with a search. The bottom line is that people are programmed to use search on the web whether it’s a search engine or a business website, he notes. In short, visitors are less likely to click links on your website than they are to use your site’s search box to find what they’re looking for. You can use this behavior to your advantage. According to Fleming, the data from your site’s search box will tell you what your visitors are looking for in their own words. I hope I don’t need to tell you how valuable that…

Update Your Keywords

I will grant that if your website appeals to a nostalgic or retro audience, you might be able to get away with certain turns of phrase. Websites focusing on steampunk, old bands, the 1960s and related topics can use older terms to good effect. Those are specialty sites, however. If your target audience lives in the twenty-first century, however – with all of the appropriate trappings – then you’d better make sure you’re speaking their language. There are a lot of good reasons to make sure your keywords are up to date. Language changes over time, with new words entering the vocabulary and older…

Google Gets Fined Facebook Improves Privacy

Google’s settlement with the U.S. Justice Department will cost the company $500 million. The search giant acknowledged that its ads improperly helped Canadian online pharmacies to sell controlled drugs in the United States without requiring a prescription, as well as counterfeit drugs. The amount of the settlement wasn’t plucked out of thin air; it represents the gross revenue that Google received from the Canadian pharmacies, plus the gross revenue the pharmacies received from their sales to consumers across the border, during the period from 2003 to 2009. The Justice Department argued that G…

Cape council candidates debate utility system, city manager

Many similarities and a few differences emerged Thursday during the District 2 and District 7 Cape Coral City Council primary forum.

'Skullkrusher' to some, 'teddy bear' to all

A body-slamming, pirate-loving, truck-driving teddy bear is how family and friends described Brian "Skullkrusher" Strickland at a Thursday memorial…

Four seek District 7 Cape Coral council seat

On Sunday, The News-Press Editorial Board will present its endorsements of Cape Coral City Council primary election candidates.

Exclusive interview: Big John explains why he left Cape Coral

Big John called today. He wanted to meet for an interview and explain why he left.

Cape Coral City Council candidate debate tonight

The first of two city-sponsored debates for candidates in the Sept. 13 City Council primary election is tonight at City Hall, 1015 Cultural Park Blvd.

Later today: An interview with Cape Coral's Big John

Coming this afternoon, an exclusive interview with Big John, the missing Cape Coral fiberglass statue.

Cape Coral police officer drives away from gas pump with hose still attached

One of Cape Coral's city gas pumps was damaged Tuesday when an officer refueling his patrol car forgot to remove the hose from the gas tank before…