Mozilla Releases New Version of Firefox for Bing Users

Building off the partnership that kicked off last year, Mozilla and Microsoft have just announced the existence of another joint venture with the rollout of the Firefox with Bing browser. As the name suggests, the new version of Mozilla’s popular browser uses Microsoft Bing as its search engine of choice in the search box and AwesomeBar. In addition, it sets the default home page to Mozilla officially announced Firefox with Bing in a short blog post. Microsoft’s Bing team did the same, noting that they were excited to make it even easier for members of the Mozilla Firefox communi…

4 Responses to Mozilla Releases New Version of Firefox for Bing Users

  • JimT says:

    How do Microsoft and the owners of Firefox make money? Google is planning to create a browser also to compete with them called “chrome”. I was wondering where does the source of revenue come in? There are no ads, etc. These programs are free.

  • Bryant B says:

    I’d like to keep Firefox as my default, but there are certain sites (such as Microsoft Partner) that only run on IE. If I could make a shortcut on my desktop for each of the sites like this and have it use IE when I click instead of Firefox, that would be perfect – or if I could make it ask which browser I want. Thanks.

  • Austin says:

    What do you like better Firefox Or Internet?

  • jdfan says:

    i want regular internet again. how do i delete firefox. help!!?!

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